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We produce high-quality, attention grabbing highlights video for individuals athletes looking to play at the next level. Let us help you take the next step in getting discovered and landing you a spot on a team. It is a great way to share your playing experience with your family and friends or simply to flash back to all the memories.

We'll provide a platform to upload and send us your video clips. We'll keep an online player profile on our website and provide a digital copy of your video to upload to any platform you wish.

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Surprise your young athlete with a collection of their most unforgettable moments

We also offer non-recruiting services such as Youth Season highlights and Team Highlights.

Youth Highlight Packages

Starting $195

A professionally edited highlight video is the start of a young athlete online profile.

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Team Highlights

Starting $425

Crafting End-of-Season Highlights: We will edit all of your season-long video clips, whether game clips, practice, etc... Just in time for you banquet.

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Examples of Recruiting Highlight Reels

Richard I. Llanes Soccer Recruiting Highlights
Dylan A. Wright Basketball Recruiting Highlights
Kennedy Jones Baseball Recruiting Highlights