Colin Wade: A Dynamic Student Athlete and 2031 Prospect

Colin Wade emerges as a standout and versatile athlete, making a significant impact on the field. As a fifth-grade student-athlete, his role as the quarterback for the Hillgrove football team distinguishes him with precision and skill in both passing and running. Beyond the gridiron, Colin extends his athletic prowess to the baseball diamond as a valuable player for the 11U East Cobb Braves. His dedication and talent shine through, contributing not only with impressive offensive plays but also showcasing his prowess in defense. With a remarkable tally of passing and running touchdowns, Colin is acknowledged for his well-rounded contributions to his teams. As a member of the class of 2031, his journey in football and baseball promises exciting developments, and his passion for sports is evident in consistently exceptional performances.

Colin Wade | 2021 Football Highlights Reel

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Colin Wade had an impressive 2021 season, concluding with remarkable contributions to his team's success. As a quarterback, he showcased his prowess with a total of 16 passing touchdowns, displaying exceptional skill and accuracy in the air. Additionally, Colin demonstrated his versatility and athleticism by contributing three running touchdowns, further solidifying his impact on the field. His ability to excel in both passing and running aspects made him a key player throughout the season, leaving a lasting mark on the team's performance.

Week 7 - 2021 Defensive Plays Reel

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Collin Wade, week 7 defensive plays.

Week 4 - 2021 Offensive Plays Reel

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Collin Wade, Week 4 offensive highlight plays.

Colin Wade Player Profile Pic

Colin Wade


Colin Wade is a multi-talented 5th-grade athlete at Hillgrove who excels in both football and baseball. As the quarterback for the Hillgrove football team, he demonstrates his skills on the field. Additionally, he plays baseball for the 11U East Cobb Braves, showcasing his prowess in both sports. Colin is part of the class of 2031, indicating his graduation year.

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